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Halal and Trendy, This Coffee Franchise Affordable and 'Safe' For Muslims

For Muslims, it is important to make sure the coffee shops visited offer halal drinks.

Rep: Santi Sopia/ Red: Fitriyan Zamzami
Contemporary coffee (illustration). There are at least 5 current coffee shops that already have halal certificates.
Foto: Dok. www.freepik.com
Contemporary coffee (illustration). There are at least 5 current coffee shops that already have halal certificates.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- The emergence of coffee shops in Indonesia is growing. Now coffee shops are not only a place to enjoy a favorite drink, but also as an area to hang out, socialize, do college assignments, and even work.

Moreover, Indonesia is also one of the highest coffee producing countries in the world. Modern coffee shops usually offer coffee in various variants. The development of coffee menus also often follows the tastes of they ounger generation.

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Nevertheless, it is important to ensure that the coffee shops visited offer halal drinks. One of them even checked his certification on the Halal MUI website. Here are five coffee shops that have received halal certificates:

1. Kopi Kenangan - (@kopikenanganid)

Kopi Kenangan is one of the fastest growing grab-and-go coffee chains in Indonesia. The idea of Kopi Kenangan started because its founders had a mission to spread their love for Indonesian coffee as a local brand from Indonesia to the rest of the world, and from Indonesia to all of Asia.

This identical coffee with a romance label and a unique menu name depicting romantic memories carries a halal certificate numbered LPPOM-00160107371020 under the company name PT BUMI BERKAH BOGA (KOPI KENANGAN) which is valid until December 21, 2025.

2. Janji Jiwa - (Instagram @kopijanjijiwa)

Janji Jiwa has been present for five years in filling the community lifestyle space. Recently, Janji Jiwa introduced a new logo and outlet concept, and presented “Mobile Coffee Cart: Kopi Sejuma Jiwa (KSJ)” to make it easier for customers to get their favorite and affordable drinks. Janji Jiwa bagged a certificate LPPOM-00160136731221 under the company name PT Luna Boga Narayan which is valid until December 21, 2025.

3. Kopi Nako - (@kopinako.id)

Nako coffee with halal certificate LPPOM-00060102580220 is also one of the favorite hangouts of young people. Its halal certification is valid until November 8, 2026. Nako's own inspiration is related to nako glass which is also depicted from her outlet design. Nako is also referred to as an abbreviation of naci-coffee, because the beginning of his business was making rice warteg accompanied by coffee.

4. Fore Coffee 

Fore Coffee has been established since 2018, with the inspiration of the name coming from the word forest. Fore has a halal certification LPPOM-00120102850320 which is valid until 28 June 2026. Fore Coffee can be found at various points, ranging from Denpasar, Malang, Yogyakarta, Palembang, to Batam.

5. Tanamera Coffee - (@tanameracoffee)

Tanamera Coffee's journey began because it wanted to make Indonesia famous for its special coffee such as the red volcanic soil that was the origin of its name, this archipelago has rich and fertile soil, suitable for growing special coffee. PT Tanamera Kopi Indonesia bagged halal certification LPPOM-00120106920920 which is valid until July 12, 2026.

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