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How to Exercise Safely in Highly Polluted Areas

Exercise in the morning when pollution has not peaked.

The condition of pollution in the Jakarta sky is visible from the National Library Building, Jakarta, Monday (14/8/2023).
Foto: Republika/Thoudy Badai
The condition of pollution in the Jakarta sky is visible from the National Library Building, Jakarta, Monday (14/8/2023).

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Internal Medicine Specialist dr. Sukamto Koesnoe, SPPDD-Kai, FINASIM gives some tips so that residents living in areas with high air pollution—such as Jakarta and the surrounding area—can still exercise well, safely and healthily.

“Exercise can still be done in areas with high levels of air pollution, but it is necessary to take measures to protect yourself from the adverse effects of air pollution,” Sukamto was quoted by Antara. First, choose the right time to do sports. Try to exercise outdoors when the air pollution is at a low level, such as in the morning or at night.

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In addition, avoid exercising outdoors during rush hours when traffic is quite crowded and air pollution levels are higher. Exercising during peak hours is not recommended due to fairly high air pollution conditions. Secondly, check the ambient air quality. Use apps or pages that provide information about the air quality index in the surrounding area to ensure outdoor air conditions.

“If the air quality index is very poor, consider exercising indoors,” said the doctor, who also serves as Chairman of the Adult Immunization Task Force PB of the Indonesian Society of Internal Medicine Specialists (PAPDI).

Do not forget to wear a protective mask when outdoors. Using a respiratory protective mask specifically designed to protect against air pollution can help reduce the risk of exposure to harmful particles. Be sure to choose a mask that matches the level of air pollution in the surrounding area of the home environment.

Third, choose the right location, i.e. sports locations that are farther away from sources of air pollution, such as highways or factories. It is best to choose a greener place, for example a park or bike path that is separated from traffic to do sports.

Fourth, reduce the intensity of exercise. If air pollution is very high, consider reducing the intensity or duration of exercise. For example, do light exercise or walk briskly instead of running or cycling quickly. “If the air quality is very poor, consider exercising indoors, such as in a fitness center or sports arena,” he said.

Fifth, always pay attention to symptoms that may appear as a result of air pollution, such as shortness of breath, cough, or eye and throat irritation. If you experience these symptoms, stop exercising immediately and look for a cleaner environment.

Finally, take care of the health of the body. Maintain a strong immune system with a healthy diet, adequate sleep, and good hydration, as well as vaccinations to help the body be more resistant to the negative effects of air pollution.

Remember that air pollution can be very harmful to health, especially if the body is constantly exposed to such substances. If air pollution levels are very high on a regular basis, consider looking for a long-term solution, such as installing an indoor air filter or at work.

“Always consult a medical professional if you have any health concerns related to air pollution,” Sukamto said. 

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