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BTPN Syariah Profit Reached Rp 375 Billion in QI 2021

Bank BTPN Syariah recorded a positive performance in the first quarter of 2021

Rep: Lida Puspaningtyas/ Red: Elba Damhuri
The logo of BTPN Syariah
Foto: Republika/Yasin Habibi
The logo of BTPN Syariah

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID --- The financial reports of the first quarter of 2021 for the banking industry began to be announced this week. The corona pandemic is one of the serious challenges of the banking industry in maintaining and improving its performance.

Bank BTPN Syariah Tbk (BTPS) recorded a positive performance in the first quarter of 2021. BTPN Syariah, which focuses on serving productive unbankable customers in Indonesia, distributed of Rp 9.7 trillion in financing in the first quarter of 2021, growing by six percent from the same period in the previous year.

This healthy growth in financing is also accompanied by consistency in maintaining the quality of financing that is very prudent. The Bank's ability to maintain performance is also reflected in the acquisition of net profit after tax (NPAT) during the first quarter of 2021, reaching IDR 375 billion, equivalent to 44 percent of 2020 net profit.

"This good growth indicates that the resilience of Indonesia's unbanked and lower income groups in facing the pandemic is in an optimistic position," said Director of BTPN Syariah, Arief Ismail, in a press statement, Thursday (22/4).

BTPN Syariah Third Party Funds (DPK) recorded an increase of nine percent to IDR 10.5 trillion. BTPN Syariah recorded total assets and total equity of Rp. 17.3 trillion and Rp. 6.3 trillion. The total growth in assets and equity reached eight percent from the same period in the last year.

Arief said BTPN Syariah is committed to maximizing service and adapting to the changing needs of productive lower-incomes customers. To ensure an increase in welfare, BTPN Syariah is also committed to continuing to carry out various continuous innovations.

"One of them is using technology for good," said Arief.

With technology, BTPN Syariah is determined to realize its aspirations to build a Sharia Digital Ecosystem for Unbanked.

BTPN Syariah, a 70% owned subsidiary of BTPN is the 12th Syariah bank in Indonesia. The rest of 30% of shares owned by public in which BTPN Syariah is listed in the Indonesia Stock Exchange with code BTPS.

The bank operates based on the principal of financial inclusion by providing financial products and services to remote unbanked communities as well as the lower income segment of society.

Aside from providing financial service access to these communities, also provides financial education to promote a more sustainable livelihood and healthier community.

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