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Insurers Pay IDR 661 Billion for Covid-19 Insurance Claims

The amount of Covid-19 insurance claims keep increasing.

Aktivitas petugas melakukan Swab Test Covid-19 gratis di Balai Kota Bandung, Sabtu (11/7).
Foto: Edi Yusuf/Republika
Aktivitas petugas melakukan Swab Test Covid-19 gratis di Balai Kota Bandung, Sabtu (11/7).

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — The amount of Covid-19 insurance claims keep increasing, says Executive Director of the Indonesian Life Insurance Association (AAJI), Togar Pasaribu. The association recorded that insurers have paid a total of IDR 661 billion in COVID-19 claims to 9,128 policies in 2020.


“Government has declared that Covid-19 is pandemic situation (which is not covered by insurance), but some of AAJI members are committed to the customers,” Togar said on Wednesday (14/4).


He further explained that life insurers have paid up to IDR 120.72 trillion in 2017. The amount is increasing every year. In 2018, it reached IDR 121.35 trillion. In 2019, it was IDR 149.77 trillion. Lastly in 2020, it sums up to IDR 151.10 trillion.


“For the last five years, life insurers have paid IDR 638.15 insurance claims. This is not a small number. We keep our commitment even though it is pandemic,” Togar said


Togar said, it shows that life insurance industry is committed to their customers as well as promoting financial inclusion; which includes adjustment to consumer behaviors, adaptive measure, and collaboration in life insurance ecosystem.


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In terms of adjustment in consumer behaviors, AAJI has provide online policies and insurance consulting as well as digital claim. They are also implementing physical distancing and being consistent on capacity building for their employees to utilize technology and innovation. Today, their marketers can be certified through AAJI apps to maintain their quality.


Meanwhile, some adaptive measures are relaxations from the Financial Services Authority (OJK) in 2020 on sales adjustment for insurance industry. 


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