Thursday, 5 Syawwal 1441 / 28 May 2020

Thursday, 5 Syawwal 1441 / 28 May 2020

National Police deploys 300 Brimob personnels to Papua

Kamis 29 Aug 2019 22:34 WIB

Rep: Puti Almas/ Red: Nur Aini

Riots in Jayapura, Papua

Riots in Jayapura, Papua

Foto: Antara/Indrayadi TH
Police claimed one of TNI members was killed in Papua.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — National Police chief Tito Karnavian said 300 personnels of Mobile Brigade command (Brimob) have been deployed to maintain security in a number of cities in Papua Province, namely Deiyai, Paniai, and Jayapura. This was following the riots that happened recently. 

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Tito regretted the demonstration in Deiyai on Wednesday (August 28) was ended with riots. He also said one of Indonesian Military (TNI) members was killed due to incident. 

“He (TNI personnel) was killed when he was guarding weapons  in a vehicle, until suddenly the attacker came,” Tito said on Thursday (August 29). 

In the riots, the mass also attacked police and TNI personnel. According to Tito, the attackers were believed not come from demonstrators, but a group from Paniai.

“This is a group from Paniai, they were hiding behind the mass and attacked officers,” Tito added. 

The demonstration in Deiyai Regent Office on Wednesday (August 28) ended with riots, as suddenly there were about 1.000 people who carried arrows, spears, and machetes. They began to throw the stones against security forces and shouted provocation words. 

Initially, the demonstration that involved about 100 people went peacefully. However, after the group of people with the weapons came, security forces were attacked. Not only one dead victim, there are five police and one TNI personnel have injured due to this incident.

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