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Lukman proposes improvement in hajj facilities to Saudi govt

Hajj facilities, infrastructures in Arafah and Minas area should be improved.

Mina, Saudi Arabia.
Foto: Sedat Suna/EPA EFE
Mina, Saudi Arabia.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Indonesian Minister of Religion, Lukman Hakim Saifuddin, is currently in Saudi Arabia to discuss the importance of improving Hajj facilities in Arafah and Mina areas. He stated that Arafah and Mina have always had crucial issues in organizing the Hajj.

"Indonesia will again propose the importance of improving facilities and infrastructures in Arafah and Mina areas," Lukman noted in a statement received by Antara here on Monday.

Although improvements continue to be made, a breakthrough is still needed, so that pilgrims can be more comfortable and experience solemn while conducting worships. Moreover, the two areas are places for core of the Hajj rituals.

"The tents in Arafah are expected to remain cool, considering that next year's Hajj season would coincide with the peak of summer," he explained.

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Jabal Rahmah, Arafah, Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, the main issue regarding the Hajj facilities in Mina is the availability of tents and toilets. Lukman stated that the Indonesian government has expressed hope that the Saudi government could take steps related to this issue by preparing multilevel tents and adding more toilets.

The Indonesian Ministry of Religion plans to implement a zoning system to regulate pilgrim's accommodation. The Indonesian Hajj pilgrims will be placed in hotels according to their original cities, districts, or provinces. This is expected to enhance comfort and make the catering menu service easy.

"Every year, there are always around six to seven Indonesian pilgrimage shelters in Mina Jadid. This year, we plan to place them in the closest area in Jamarat, namely Syisah and Aziziah, so that they can return to their hotels after staying overnight in Mina," Lukman pointed out.

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