Monday, 12 Rabiul Akhir 1441 / 09 December 2019

Monday, 12 Rabiul Akhir 1441 / 09 December 2019

Surabaya police headquarters bombed by Murtiono's family

Selasa 15 May 2018 16:44 WIB

Red: Reiny Dwinanda

Ambulances carry bomb blast victims out of Surabaya police headquarters, East Java, on Monday (May 14).

Ambulances carry bomb blast victims out of Surabaya police headquarters, East Java, on Monday (May 14).

Foto: Antara/Didik Suhartono
One member of the Tri Murtiono's family survive from the blast.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SURABAYA -- East Java police spokesman Sr. Com. Frans Barung Mangera explained that five suicide bombers at Surabaya Police Headquarters were members of the Tri Murtiono's family. Tri blew himself on Monday morning along with his wife and three sons including a child of 8 years that miraculously survived.

Tri (50) and his wife, his wife Tri Ernawati(42) and their sons Muhammad Dafa Amin Murdana (18) and Muhammad Darih Satria Murdana (15) were killed.

Their youngest daughter, AAP, who was born in June 2010, survived but injured and now under medical treatment in a police hospital in the city.

The five used two motorcycle to ride into the Surabaya police headquarter and exploded themselves just in the front enterence gate of the office. No fatality among the police officers but four were injured.

On Sunday in similar terrorist attacks, a man and his wife and two sons and two daughters were all killed in suicide bombings targeting three Christian churches. The incidents left 18 people killed including the family of six.

On Sunday night an alleged terrorist was killed in an accident in his house in the city. The bomb held by the alleged terrorist exploded before it was used for a certain target killing himself, his wife and two of his four children.

The series of terror attacks in Surabaya followed a bloody riot only three days earlier caused by around 150 terrorist suspects breaking their cells and killing five police officers in Depok.

Terrorist in Indonesia made police their main target after a number of their leaders and fellow terrorist fighters were arrested or killed by special anti terrorist police squad.

Police said the situation in Surabaya is now 'conducive' after the anti terrorist squad had identified the rings of terrorist and began a mopping up operation since Monday to root out suspected terrorists from their cells.

A number of suspects have been rounded up since Monday not only in the city but also in other areas in the province.

sumber : Antara
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