Tuesday, 1 Rajab 1441 / 25 February 2020

Tuesday, 1 Rajab 1441 / 25 February 2020

Bandarlampung Mayor: Sexual abuse is alarming

Ahad 22 May 2016 18:48 WIB

Rep: Rr Laeny Sulistywati/ Red: Julkifli Marbun



REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BANDARLAMPUNG -- Bandarlampung Mayor Herman HN said agree that perpetrators of child sexual violence must be punished with castration. The law enforcement must be implemented to ensure deterrent effect as well as to anticipate similar incidents by other offenders.

"I agree with President (Joko Widodo), the law must be enforced especially when sexual abuse is very worrying," he said in Bandarlampung, Saturday (21/5).

The government is seriously preventing violence on children by adding punishment and castration that planned to be included in the Government Regulation (Perppu).

Herman said that the law should be enforced so that the perpetrator get deterrent effect, so that if anyone want to doing sexual abuse must to rethink it.

"With that law, can cause deterrent effect and people have to think thousands times if want commit sexual crimes on children," he said.

He added,  all cases must be resolved legally because Indonesia as state of law, so that perpetrators can get the impact too.

Bandarlampung government also has regional regulation (Perda) of child protection and women. This regulation was created as anticipation from government.

"This regulation is very good to protect children and women, it also the duty of the government to protect their rights," he said.

This regulation is also made to minimize violence on children in Bandarlampung.

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