Tuesday, 1 Rajab 1441 / 25 February 2020

Tuesday, 1 Rajab 1441 / 25 February 2020

At least 30 designers participate in 2014 Batam International Fashion Week

Kamis 27 Nov 2014 22:59 WIB

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Jakarta fashion show (Ilustrasi)

Jakarta fashion show (Ilustrasi)

Foto: innofashions

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BATAM -- The organizing committee of the 2014 Batam International Fashion Week, which began on November 27 and will go on till November 30, featured 30 designers, including one from Malaysia.

The 30 designers who participated included as many as 22 were from Jakarta, five from Batam, one from Medan (North Sumatra), one from Padang (West Sumatra), and one from Malaysia, the chairperson of the organizing committee of the fashion week, Christine Besinga, said here on Thursday.

Among the designers who showcased their creations at the fashion week were Hengki Kawilarang, Thomas Sigar, Dedy Haryanto, Yoyo Prasetyo, Daydo Andre, Mety Choa, Defrico Audi, Feronica Kristoofer, Andy Saleh, John Paris, and Rasyud Salim.

According to Besinga, the organizing committee also invited surveyors from abroad. Furthermore, a representative of the tourism ministry, Wiwiek, believes that Batam was a suitable location of choice for the international fashion week because it is geographically adjacent to Singapore and Malaysia.

"The tourism ministry will continue to support this program and make it an annual event," she affirmed, adding that the first-ever Batam International Fashion Week will encourage the creativity of the Indonesian fashion industry.

In addition, Besinga also stated that her side wished to make Batam the front gate for domestic designers to venture into the international industry.

"We have cooperated with PT Sumatera Convention Centre to exhibit the clothes designed," she pointed out.

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