Tuesday, 1 Rajab 1441 / 25 February 2020

Tuesday, 1 Rajab 1441 / 25 February 2020

Indonesian Muslim apparel attracts consumers in Morocco

Senin 06 May 2013 20:59 WIB

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Indonesian Muslim apparel on display in an Indonesia Fashion Week counter in Jakarta (illustration)

Indonesian Muslim apparel on display in an Indonesia Fashion Week counter in Jakarta (illustration)

Foto: Republika/Aditya Pradana Putra

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, LONDON - Indonesian Muslim apparel has attracted Moroccan consumers and visitors in an exhibition on Indonesia`s handicraft products held in Rabat, Morocco, April 29 - May 5, an Indonesian official said.

Coordinator of the Indonesian Advertisement Agencies Association (PPI) in Morocco Kusnadi El-Ghezwa said on Sunday that European and African consumers recognized the quality of Indonesian Muslim apparel in the exhibition. The exhibition was attended by Moroccan government officials and companies from various countries such as Russia, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Palestine, France, Spain and European countries.

In the exhibition which was held for the first time, Indonesia displayed various types of goods, including traditional handicraft products such as clothing, foot wear, batik clothes, ornaments, furniture, paper, wood-based products, tea, coffee, instant noodle and spice.

Event coordinator Decy Widhiyanti said Indonesia sent 20 businessmen from various provinces to the exhibition because Moroccan consumers and visitors from various countries were very enthusiastic and recognized the quality of Indonesian products. Widhiyanti said that for Moroccan citizens prices did not matter even if the Indonesian products were relatively expensive. 

"They really understand the quality of the Indonesian products. A number of local producers and designers visited the Indonesian stand and cooperate with Indonesian businessmen," she said.

Sarah, one of the visitors from Marrakesh, was very enthusiastic with the Indonesian products. She spent all her money to purchase all stocks of an Indonesian stand owned by Ayu Indriati from Bekasi, West Java.

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics (BPS), two-way trade between Morocco and Indonesia was 150.13 million USD in the first seven months of 2012, up 80.19 percent from 83.32 million USD in the same period a year earlier.



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