Selasa, 16 Safar 1441 / 15 Oktober 2019

Selasa, 16 Safar 1441 / 15 Oktober 2019

Land exchange deal for Surabaya-Mojokerto toll road concluded

Kamis 06 Agu 2015 10:16 WIB

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Tri Rismaharini

Tri Rismaharini

Foto: Antara

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, SURABAYA -- A land exchange deal between the Surabaya City Government and the Public Works and Housing Ministry for the construction of Surabaya-Mojokerto toll road has been concluded.

"Even though the city government receives more land, the value of assets exchanged for the land remains the same, since the assets include buildings," Surabaya Mayor Tri Rismaharini said here on Wednesday.

The assets comprise 163,179 square metres of land, including 16,406 square metres in Karangpilang area, and 146,773 square metres in Warugunung area.

In return, the city government received 494,760 square metres of land from the ministry, including 367,202 square metres in Medokan Ayu area, 92,272 square metres in Sumberrejo area and 35,286 square metres in Warugunung area.

The other asset which is also part of the land exchange deal is a junior high school building on Jl. Kebraon Indah Permai.

The mayor said the city government right from the beginning wanted the transaction to be in the form of land-for-land deal rather than land-for-cash deal.

According to the Surabaya City Building and Land Management Office (DPBT), the deal is valued at Rp112 billion.

Chief of the DPBT Maria Ekawati Rahayu said the city government can use the land on which no buildings are found for several purposes as per the public needs.

sumber : Antara
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