Wednesday, 13 Rajab 1440 / 20 March 2019

Wednesday, 13 Rajab 1440 / 20 March 2019

Mahyudin denies Setya Novanto had a bakpao sized bump

Sabtu 18 Nov 2017 08:28 WIB

Rep: Arif Satrio Nugroho/ Red: Reiny Dwinanda

Golkar party politician, Mahyudin

Golkar party politician, Mahyudin

Foto: ROL/Havid Al Vizki

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, TANJUNG PINANG -- Vice Chairman of Golkar Party Expert Council Mahyudin denied Setya Novanto had a bakpao (meatbun) sized bump in his left forehead as told by lawyer Fredrich Yunadi.

Mahyudin said, he paid a visit to the Golkar party chairman at Medika Permata Hijau hospital at around 10:30 pm on Thursday (November 16). 

"I see bruise on his left forehead and a scratch on his left cheek. There is no bump as big as bakpao," Mahyudin explained after opening Media Gathering of the Parliament Journalists in Tanjung Pinang, Riau Islands, on Friday (November 17) night.

Mahyudin said, Novanto was asleep when he arrived. 

Novanto who is also the House of Representatives speaker then awake and they had a dialogue. 

"Novanto told me that he want to visit KPK after seeing the board of DPD I Golkar party at Mandarin Hotel," he said.

It was raining at the night he was going to Mandarin Hotel, Central Jakarta. Meanwhile, Metro TV stringer, Hilman Mattauch who drove the car was on the phone and lost his consentration then accident happened, Novanto told Mahyudin.

Novanto sat at the second row seaters of Toyota Fortuner. Reza, his aide, sat in front of him.

Hilman and Reza who were at the front seats survived from the accident, while  Novanto was indicated by Medika Permata Hijau doctor to have a brain concussion.

Police version

According to the Traffic director of Jakarta Metro Police Commander Halim Pagarra, at first Novanto were heading to Metro TV studio at Pilar Mas Raya complex, West Jakarta for Prime Time News program. 

The TV station scheduled an exclusive interview with Novanto who went missing since Wednesday.

But, later it was decided to be a live by phone interview.

"The driver then tried to find safe place to pull over. But he lost concentration as he was on the phone and also talked to the victim. He was also tired and lacked of sleep," Halim said in a text message received by, on Friday.

Right after ending the phone call, Hilman answered Novanto's speech. He sometimes looked back. He also back-and-forth receiving calls from his office. 

They had an accident at Permata Hijau area at around 18:35 pm. The car hit electricity pole.

"Due to lack of consentration, the driver turned the wheel to the right. The car climbed to the sidewalk, crashing into trees and finally bumped into power pole," Halim remarked. 

The accident damaged the car's hood and bumper. Its right front tire was flat and the middle left window also broke.

The suspect of e-ID card procurement graft case was immediately fainted and got a bump in his left forehead. He was rushed to Medika Permata Hijau hospital. 


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