Tuesday, 18 Muharram 1441 / 17 September 2019

Tuesday, 18 Muharram 1441 / 17 September 2019

Anies explains about "Pribumi" diction in his speech

Selasa 17 Oct 2017 15:54 WIB

Rep: Mas Alamil Huda, Puti Almas/ Red: Reiny Dwinanda

Jakarta governor Anies Baswedan delivered his first speech at City Hall, Jakarta, Monday (October 16) night.

Jakarta governor Anies Baswedan delivered his first speech at City Hall, Jakarta, Monday (October 16) night.

Foto: Republika/Prayogi

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Jakarta governor Anies Baswedan explained the context of "pribumi" (native Indonesians) in his first speech on Monday (October 16). He said the diction refers to colonialism era before independence.

"I use the term for the context during the colonial era," he said at Jakarta City Hall, Tuesday (October 17).

He said, Jakarta suffered the most of colonial era. Jakarta citizens in the past witnessed with their own eyes the Dutch that colonized Indonesia. The realm was certainly different than people who live in regions and other areas in this country.

"We know Jakarta's people saw Dutch closer than others in Indonesia, even they can see in front of their eyes," Anies added.

The former minister of education and culture also assessed if his statements about capital's pribumi already twisted by some medias. According to Anies, some of medias have corrected their news. He hoped all the media could make the news clear and correct, as what he truly said in the speech.

"It used to further explain about the Dutch colonial era. All of you can read the real text of my speech, which was talking about that era," Anies said.

In his first public speech after being inaugurated by President Joko widodo (Jokowi), Anies promised an effort to make Jakara as one of the cities with the widest economic gap in Indonesia, become a fairer city for all citizens.

"Land management, water management, bay management, island management should not be based on individual interests. Not for the benefit of one group, association, corporation, but for the citizens of Jakarta," said Anies in his speech at the City Hall of DKI Jakarta while giving emphasis to the word" bay "was applauded by thousands of supporters who witnessed, on Monday (October 16).

Anies conveyed the long history of Jakarta, which overshadowed by colonialism. He described, for native citizens in this city, colonialsm became a daily reality. 

He said in the past, we were oppressed and defeated, so now it's time to free and become host in our own country.

Anies repeatedly emphasized on equity for Jakarta citizens. He promised to tear down the barriers that become obstacles intercomponent interactions. Especially divider of the rich and poor.

He promised, in the future, it would enliven the assemblies of citizens. So that, the decisions taken by the provincial government do not ignore the interests of the people.

Anies also called on pribumi to play larger role in Indonesia. Responding to Anies' statement, the country's netizens have been sharing their opinion on social media. Many of them argued Anies speech was controversial.


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