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Internet has become main platform for terrorists: Agency

Kamis, 19 Okt 2017 00:08 WIB

 JAKARTA -- The Internet has become the main vehicle for terrorists to plan out their actions as well as recruit members for their radical groups, First Deputy of the National Agency for Combating Terrorism's...

Britain to take tougher line on extremist content: PM May

Selasa, 03 Okt 2017 18:31 WIB

MANCHESTER -- Prime Minister Theresa May said on Tuesday Britain needed to take a tougher line against those people who post and view extremist content on the internet following a number of attacks...

EU steps up efforts to tackle illegal content online

Jumat, 29 Sep 2017 19:20 WIB

BRUSSELS -- The European Commission on Thursday stepped up efforts to detect, remove, and prevent illegal content online that incites hatred, violence and terrorism by presenting guiding principles to online platforms. "The increasing availability...