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#chemical attack to kpk investigator

Six months have passed, why do Novel's case not yet solved?

Thursday, 12 Oct 2017 22:24 WIB

JAKARTA -- Criminal observer from Trisakti University Abdul Fickar Hadjar assessed the case of assault against senior investigator of Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), Novel Baswedan, has been stagnant due to interests and hegemonic...

Novel to get back to work in November: Dahnil

Monday, 09 Oct 2017 16:46 WIB

JAKARTA -- Chairman of Muhammadiyah Youth Center Dahnil Anzar Simanjuntak said Novel Baswedan will be back to work as senior investigator of Corruption Eradication Commission in November.  "Insya Allah (God's willing) Novel will be...

Novel Baswedan to undergo surgery in mid-October

Wednesday, 11 Oct 2017 14:27 WIB

JAKARTA -- Taufik Baswedan said his brother, Novel Baswedan, will undergo left eye surgery in mid-October. He said, after being treated in Singapore for six month, Novel overall condition is getting better.  "Alhamdulillah (thank...

Hermansyah's investigation report to be completed today

Tuesday, 17 Oct 2017 18:18 WIB

JAKARTA -- Jakarta Police confirmed police investigation report (BAP) of attack and abuse case against Hermansyah would be completed on Tuesday (October 17).  Previously, Jakarta High Prosecutors' Office (Kejati) rejected the investigation report because...

Case of assault to IT expert Hermansyah stagnant: Observer

Monday, 09 Oct 2017 20:31 WIB

JAKARTA -- Police observer Bambang Widodo Umar noticed three months after the incident, the case of assault to IT expert Hermansyah has not been solved.  "The investigation seems to be stagnant," Bambang told

Setnov pretrial victory does not eliminate alleged criminal acts: MA

Tuesday, 03 Oct 2017 23:31 WIB

JAKARTA -- Setya Novanto (Setnov)'s pretrial motion victory against anti-graft agency's (KPK) move to name him suspect in an e-ID procurement corruption case does not eliminate the criminal act he had allegedly committed,...

Islamic body condemns suspected arson attack at Swedish mosque

Wednesday, 27 Sep 2017 12:29 WIB

RABAT -- The Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO) on Tuesday strongly denounced the suspected arson attack at a mosque in central Sweden. The ISESCO urged Swedish authorities to severely punish the perpetrators...

Rockets hit Damascus airport area in probable Israeli attack

Friday, 22 Sep 2017 21:03 WIB

BEIRUT -- Two rockets struck near Damascus airport at dawn on Friday, Lebanese TV station al-Mayadeen reported, an attack it said had probably been carried out by Israeli warplanes from outside Syria's borders. Al-Mayadeen...

Jokowi condemns terror attack in Las Vegas

Tuesday, 03 Oct 2017 16:11 WIB

JAKARTA -- President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) has condemned a terror attack that led to the deaths of 59 people and caused injuries to 527 others during the Route 91 Harvest Music Festival in...

Kim Jong Nam had $100,000 in backpack, police witness says

Thursday, 12 Oct 2017 12:41 WIB

KUALA LUMPUR -- The half-brother of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un was carrying $100,000 in cash in his backpack at the time of his murder, the police officer investigating the case told...

Regarding Pansus invitation, KPK to wait for MK decision

Tuesday, 26 Sep 2017 18:12 WIB

JAKARTA -- Chairman of Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) Agus Rahardjo stated the anti-graft body will not attend the invitation of the Special Committee of Inquiry Rights on the KPK until there is an...

KPK to seek second opinion from IDI on Setnov condition

Thursday, 21 Sep 2017 20:40 WIB

JAKARTA -- Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) spokesman Febri Diansyah said the anti-graft body has not draw any conclusion related to Setya Novanto (Setnov) condition. Setnov who has been named as suspect in e-ID...

Imam Shamsi Ali condemns mass shooting in Las Vegas

Tuesday, 03 Oct 2017 15:47 WIB

NEW YORK -- Nusantara Foundation condemned the horrific mass shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada, which has left more than 59 people dead and 527 more injured in what is now the deadliest shooting...

Serangan Bom di Pusat Kota Somalia Tewaskan 85 Orang

Sunday, 15 Oct 2017 16:54 WIB

IHRAM.CO.ID, MOGADISHU -- Jumlah korban tewas akibat dua serangan bom di jantung ibukota Somalia Mogadishu telah meningkat menjadi 85. Hal ini menjadikannya salah satu serangan paling mematikan di negara tersebut sejak gerilyawan Islam melancarkan...

KPK to review plan on new sprindik issuance for Setnov

Friday, 06 Oct 2017 16:56 WIB

JAKARTA -- Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) would not be hasty in issuing a new investigation warrant (sprindik) for Chairman of House of Representatives (DPR) Setya Novanto in alleged e-ID card corruption case. KPK deputy...