Saturday, 5 Sya'ban 1439 / 21 April 2018

Saturday, 5 Sya'ban 1439 / 21 April 2018

Beware of Pro Free Papua Propaganda Escalation

Sabtu 18 March 2017 12:11 WIB

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Sejumlah warga suku pedalaman Papua menampilkan tarian tradisional pada acara Festival Budaya Lembah Baliem di Distrik Wosilimo, Kabupaten Jayawijaya, Papua

Sejumlah warga suku pedalaman Papua menampilkan tarian tradisional pada acara Festival Budaya Lembah Baliem di Distrik Wosilimo, Kabupaten Jayawijaya, Papua

Foto: Antara/Widodo S. Jusuf

By: Datuak Tjumano *)

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, Vanuatu and the Solomon Islands political maneuvering positively intercepted by the existence of Free Papua political activities. This is strengthening the signaled connectivity betweenPapuan activists and Papuan separatist activists in Indonesia, and who are abroad with political factions in other countries, especially the Pacific region. The controversial and unfounded statement that was issued when the UN Human Rights Council 34th Session in Geneva, Switzerland on Friday, March 3, 2017 by Minister of Justice and Community Development of Vanuatu, Ronald Warsal, requests Special United Nations mission to investigate Papua. Activists and sympathizers immediately increase its political propaganda.

Vanuatu's actions clearly violate the principles of the UN Charter to respect the territorial sovereignty and not interfere in the domestic affairs of other countries. Moreover, the rules of the UN Human Rights Council also prohibits the politicization of human rights issues in order to discredit and attack another sovereign fellow members of the United Nations. Maneuver the Pacific island countries in the region was in clear violation of international norms and the threat to Indonesia's national interest in maintaining national sovereignty. Unfriendly ways got condemnation and harsh reaction from African region which assesses Vanuatu has politicized human rights for domestic interest. Neither the statement of Latin American countries in the region, Venezuela is also concurrently the Chairman of the Non-Aligned Movement, called the move as a form of interference Indonesia’s domestic problems as a sovereign state.

Using the Momentum

Maneuver in international forum on issues of human rights violations in Papua will definitely become a political momentum for Papua separatist activists and sympathizers to campaign in Indonesia. The target is to establish a discourse as international support so that it can mobilize wider masses. This is also in line with the scenario supporting Papuan separatism in the Pacific region to attract more attention from nation in African region. 

Similar actions carried out by a group of Papuan students involved in the network of Pro Free Papua. Investigation of Police on March 3, 2017 action of the commotion in Black Land has been directed at four activists supporting network Papuan separatism. They are secured by the Jayapura police station along with a number of weapons were allegedly previously used in acts of violence, and a number of unlawful activities that cause disruption of security and public order.

Action of Papuan Students also take place in Jogjakarta by the group of Papuan Student Alliance (AMP) and the People's Front of Indonesia's West Papua (FRIWP) .They marched in support of provocation seven Pacific countries which carry domestic problems Indonesia in the UN Human Rights Council meeting in Geneva. They also asked the government to withdraw military / police of Papua. Unfortunately, the some local media news to discredit Indonesia actually participate and defend separatism in Papua. Intentionally, people are only offered information deemed necessary to be known and in line with the propaganda agenda of Papuan independence activists. 

Framing method is clearly contrary to the rules of journalism that emphasizes objectivity and cover both side. Framing is also done in the case of news about the World Council of Churches concerned with the issues of violence and human rights violations in the news Papua. Additionally, the local media not publish objectively the various achievements of human rights protection, social progress, economic, infrastructure and human resources in Papua that has been achieved since the implementation of the 2001 Special Autonomy.

Law Enforcement 

Support separatism and foreign maneuvers in the domestic affairs Indonesia is a serious threat and needs to be responded to by the government and supported by all components of this nation. Domestic political propaganda actions conducted by student activists all still in the realm of democracy, self-criticism and constructive policy in frame strengthen access to development. This would have responded persuasive and enriching ideas to accelerate progress in accordance with the aspirations of the people of Papua. However, if the actions it has led to divide, causing disturbances and noise in the community, and can be a threat to the interests of the people of Papua in particular, and Indonesia as a whole, then the government should not remain silent, the law must be enforced effectively in order to ensure continuity Papua's development and provide a sense of security to the community.

Meanwhile, related to the mass media that actually provocative, and can lead to mass unrest and contribute to activities that can cause divisions in society would not only be the coaching course and hide behind freedom of the press. It often detrimental to Indonesia and potentially disturbing the public would have to be corrected in order to objectively and in accordance with the rules of journalism that correct. If steps are not effective, the government can block all access that can justified by the law if within the framework of protecting the national interest of Indonesia. Government has legitimacy and justification to organize the life of the press to be in line with national interests and aspirations of the people of Papua to improve access to welfare and economy. Whatever the government's measures for the benefit of the people of Papua progress will certainly have the support, not only of the people of Papua, but also Indonesia.

*) The author is a strategic affairs analyst LSISI Indonesia in Jakarta. 

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