Monday, 6 Ramadhan 1439 / 21 May 2018

Monday, 6 Ramadhan 1439 / 21 May 2018

A number of NGOs support LGBT: Nasir Djamil

Rabu 14 February 2018 22:28 WIB

Rep: Joko Sadewo, Puti Almas/ Red: Reiny Dwinanda

Member of Committee on the Revision of the Criminal Code, Nasir Djamil

Member of Committee on the Revision of the Criminal Code, Nasir Djamil

Foto: ROL/Havid Al Vizki
NGOs activists say same-sex relations must only be prosecuted if involving minors.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- A number of European ambassadors to Indonesia have sought to refuse the expansion of adultery crime and lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) behaviour which will be regulated in Criminal Code draft law (RUU KUHP). According to member of Committee on the Revision of the Criminal Code, Nasir Djamil a number of NGOs in Indonesia also have taken steps to tackle LGBT criminalization.

"Those European ambassadors voiced the voice that previously convyed by NGO activists that show their support to LGBT," said Nasir on Tuesday (Feb 14).

Nasir said NGOs that opposed LGBT criminalization and expansion of adultery crime carried the mandate to resist. A number of people and institutions who call themselves human rights activists have staged several meetings in Yogyakarta and produced 'the Jogjakarta Principal' which being used as their guide.

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"They said prosecution of same-sex relations should only be imposed if the act is involving minors," Nasir explained.

Currently, Commisiion III at House of Representatives (DPR) still discussed adultery and ways to prosecute LGBT perpetrators. House of Representatives speaker previously said he expect Criminal Code draft law will complete maximum in 2019.

Meanwhile, Nasir explained the majority of factions have agreed adultery crime and LGBT expansion. Indonesia is a state with first principle Belief in God and the rights of many people limit by law.

"So we convey to the activists who support LGBT to respect the rights of others and remember our country has principle belief in God," Nasir said.


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