Selasa , 17 Oktober 2017, 04:31 WIB

Nazarudin, Mirwan fail to appear in e-ID card graft hearing

Rep: Dian Fath Risalah, Puti Almas/ Red: Reiny Dwinanda
Republika/Agung Supriyanto;
Former treasurer of Democratic Party Muhammad Nazarudin (left).
Former treasurer of Democratic Party Muhammad Nazarudin (left).

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Two witnesses of alleged corruption case of electronic identity (e-ID) card procurement, former treasurer of Democratic Party Muhammad Nazarudin and former member of House of Representatives Mirwan Amir, did not meet the summon of KPK investigator's. 

Both of them were failed to testify for the suspect Anang Sugiana Sudiharjo Director of Quadra Solution, on Monday (October 16).

"The witnesses Mirwan Amir and Nazaruddin did not attend without explanation," said KPK spokesman Febri Diansyah at the KPK building on Monday (October 16).

Previously, Nazaruddin explained how money flew from a funds earmarked for e-ID project was allegedly distributed to House of Representatives (DPR) members in the case' trial in last April.

Meanwhile, Mirwan's name was written in e-ID a case corruption allegations file for Irman and Sugiharto. He was mentioned receiving a sum of 1,2 million US Dollars or about Rp 16 billion.