Senin , 03 Juli 2017, 13:57 WIB

Police deploy bomb squad to check unattended backpack at Depok

Rep: Nidia Zuraya/ Red: Reiny Dwinanda
Republika/Arif Satrio Nugroho
Spokesperson of Jakarta Metro Police Argo Yuwono
Spokesperson of Jakarta Metro Police Argo Yuwono

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- Spokesperson of Jakarta Metro Police Argo Yuwono confirmed a report on the finding of suspicious bag left unattended in front of ITC Depok, West Java, Monday (July 3).

The police have deployed bomb squad to check on the black backpack. "It was left at the sidewalk and of course it was suspicious," Argo said.

Based on police standard operating procedure, the finding should be checked by bomb squad. It was necessary to anticipate terror threat.

"The bomb squad will perform bomb test and to check content of the bag," he said.

Depok police have closed the road in front of ITC Depok and Depok bus terminal to the Margonda Street. "The traffic was awful since the road was closed," Dian, a Depok resident, said to

On February 23, 2015, a low explosive bomb was found near children playground's toilet at ITC Depok. The bomb was made of some bottles filled with liquid and a box filled with explosive components, such as detonator, cables, battery, and timer.