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U.S. promises to apply basic freedom on South China Sea dispute

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The New York Times
Satellite imaging shows Chinese military facility build at Subi Reef, South China Sea.
Satellite imaging shows Chinese military facility build at Subi Reef, South China Sea.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA -- The United States promises to uphold basic freedom in the South China Sea dispute and Asia, Vice President Michael Richard Pence said in a press conference with President Joko Widodo at the Merdeka Palace here, Thursday.

"And promotes peaceful diplomatic dialogue to address of regional and global issues," Pence added.

Under the administration of President Trump, he said, the US intends to deepen cultural ties with Indonesia and the people.

"I have the opportunity to visit Indonesia's national mosque," he said, adding that as the world's most populous Muslim country, Indonesia's modern Islamic traditions are very inspiring to the world.

"In your country and mine, there are diverse religions that give us hope for a brighter future and we are very grateful to Indonesia for providing such inspiration to the world," he said.

On behalf of President Trump, he reaffirmed Indonesia and the US strategic partnership and declared a commitment to strengthen the ties of friendship, commerce and security between the two countries.

He declared the partnership should continue to maintain peace, stability and prosperity in Southeast Asia for the benefit of both countries and the world.

"President Widodo, thank you for your leadership, hospitality, friendship and partnership on the relations between the two countries," Pence said.

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